Club Championship Round 4 This Weekend!

Posted on: 27/06/2012 in: Uncategorized Timetable and Entry Lists now available…. This weekend will see the forth round of the 2012 TVKC Club Championship take place.  The first three rounds have provided some excellent grids and fantastic racing and we’re sure Round 4 will not disappoint!   You can view the current Championship standings HERE ENTRY LISTS: EntryList-COMER EntryList-HONDA EntryList-WTP EntryList-MINI MAX EntryList-JUNIOR MAX EntryList-JUNIOR TKM EntryList-KF3 EntryList-KF2 EntryList-SENIOR MAX EntryList-177 MAX TIMETABLE: Timetable PIT BAYS: Please remember that some of the pit bays in the main paddock area have been reserved.  A list of the reserved bays plus a plan of the paddock can be found HERE (issued 14.10 on 27/6/12).  Details can also be found in the Race Control window and JM Showroom.  We would kindly ask that you refrain from parking in these bays.  We would also like to remind you that the main paddock is for ‘working vehicles’ only and all non-essentail cars/vans/caravans/motorhomes etc should be parked in the rear paddock area.  We kindly ask that this be adhered to at all times.