Starting Karting?

Interested in getting started in the sport of Karting?  PF International kart circuit can help you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, the circuit with the best facilities in the country can help make your introduction to Karting is an easy one!

Bambino Experience:
If you have a Comer 50 Bambino engine and are aged 6-8 years old, why not come to one of our Bambino Experience sessions?! We have four dates planned so far and they’re held in the evenings.  The sessions are open to all Motorsport UK Bambino licence holders (to be produced on the day), including non Bambino championship drivers. The entry fee is just £30 and equipment needs to be to Motorsport UK standards.
If you’d like to come and try PFi first hand, why not come along to our Bambino Experience and give it a go?!

ARKS Testing:
Every budding kart driver must pass his/her ARKS test in order to obtain their race licence.  ARKS packs and tests are available at PF International kart circuit.  Further information can be found HERE

Novice Driver?
Trent Valley Kart Club welcomes novice drivers to enter their race meetings.  These take place on the first weekend of the month where signatures can be collected from the Motorsport UK Steward in order to upgrade your license.

Information about getting started in Karting can also be found on and also on the Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) website  Alternatively, you may find this promotional video useful…