2012 Season

RESULTS: Winter Series Rd 1 – Dec 2012

Posted on: 03/12/2012
[dl url=”http://tvkc.co.uk/results/2012/TVKC%20Results%20-%20Winter%20Series%20Dec%202012.zip” title=”Results – Dec 2012 – Winter Series Rd 1″ desc=”PDF Format” align=”left”] [dl url=”http://tvkc.co.uk/results/2012/TVKC%20Champ%20Points%20-%20Winter%20Series%20Dec%202012.zip” title=”Championship Points – Winter Series Rd 1″ desc=”PDF Format”]

RESULTS: November 2012 – Final Round of 2012 Club Champs & TKM GP Plate & Continental Cup

Posted on: 07/11/2012
[dl url=”http://tvkc.co.uk/results/2012/TVKC%20Results%20-%20November%202012.zip” title=”Results – November 2012 inc TKM GP Plate & Continental Cup” desc=”PDF Format” align=”left”] [dl url=”http://tvkc.co.uk/results/2012/TVKC%20Champ%20Points%20-%20Nov%202012.zip” title=”Championship Points – Club Championship 2012″ desc=”PDF Format”] PLEASE NOTE: Junior Rotax Max points are on hold pending a decision from the MSA. we will update this download once a decision has been confirmed by the MSA.

RESULTS: October 2012

Posted on: 08/10/2012
[dl url=”http://tvkc.co.uk/results/2012/TVKC%20Results%20-%20Oct%202012.zip” title=”Results – October 2012 inc LGM” desc=”PDF Format” align=”left”] [dl url=”http://tvkc.co.uk/results/2012/TVKC%20Champ%20Points%20-%20Oct%202012.zip” title=”Championship Points” desc=”PDF Format”]

RESULTS: September 2012

Posted on: 02/09/2012
September results are now available for download: Download September Results Championship Points

RESULTS: Kartmasters 2012

Posted on: 05/08/2012
Download Kartmasters Results