Historic Karts

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 IAME European Open will be supported by Historic Kart demonstrations and a display within the main Paddock area!

Working in conjunction with the British Historic Kart Club (BHKC), we hope the event will attract a good selection of Karts ranging in age upto and including Karts and engines manufactured up until 1984 (all of which must be non-gearbox).

The demonstrations will be split into two groups:  upto 1977 and 1978-1984 and will take place on the Saturday (18th June) and Sunday (19th June) of the event.

We were pleased to invite our Historic Karting friends back to PFi!  Their presence at previous events proved very popular with the general spectators and current competitors alike, pulling in vast crowds in the grandstand and the surrounding banking.  We are hoping the demonstrations in 2016 will have a similar effect!

If you have a Historic Kart and wish to take part in either the demonstration and/or the display in the Paddock, please contact Clare Mills at clare@tvkc.co.uk.  Please note that all drivers partaking in the Historic demonstrations must be 13yrs or over (subject to MSA regulation U.