PF International Kart Circuit is owned by Mr Paul Fletcher. Paul has been involved in Motorsport since the 1950s and competed himself for 25yrs at both National and International Karting levels.

Over the years Paul has devoted a lot of his time, effort and money into Karting in the UK. His dreams of owning the best kart racing circuit in the country finally became a reality in 1994 when PF International kart circuit was born. Over the past 30 years, through his drive and commitment, created a circuit of International standard - with the track achieving an International A Grade licence in 2011 (still the only Kart track in the UK to have achieved this circuit grade!).


The circuit boasts the most impressive facilities in the UK, both on and off circuit and, over its 30-year history, has become a favourite with many Karting drivers. With a track extension taking its overall length to 1382m, a two storey Timekeeping building, a massive digital scoreboard, full circuit lighting, a complete circuit camera system and a fully functional medical centre recently installed – PF International just keeps getting better and better!

Other facilities include: free mains power in the main paddock at TVKC race meetings, indoor and outdoor viewing areas, restaurant, bar, retail shop, marshal post lights and a fully tarmac paddock – to name but a few!