Our club meetings generally take place on the first Sunday of every month, except in August when that weekend is replaced by our annual Kartmasters Grand Prix event. We also play host to visiting Championships and Series’ too. A full list of our 2022 race calendar can be found below...

29-30 January Winter Series Round 1
05-06 February Winter Series Round 2
05-06 March Winter Series Round 3
02-03 April Winter Series Round 4
30 April-01 May May Meeting Includes: LGM
04-05 June June Meeting Includes: F100
02-03 July PF Challenge Cup
04-07 August Motorsport UK Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix
03-04 September Autumn Cup Round 1
01-02 October Autumn Cup Round 2
05-06 November Autumn Cup Round 3
03-04 December Autumn Cup Round 4