Entries for the second round of the Autumn Cup will open at 12noon on 08 Sept! Dates For Your Diary: We’ve also released the dates that entries will open for Rounds 3 & 4 too… R3: 06/07 NovemberENTRIES OPEN 06 OCT R4: 04/05 DecemberENTRIES OPEN 10 NOV

2021 KARTMASTERS GP WINNERS Congratulations to the following drivers who were first over the line at PFi at the Kartmasters GP and earned themselves the prestigious GP plates!! Well Done!!! IAME Cadet… Noah Wolfe2nd: Lewis Wherrell 3rd: Jorge Edgar Honda Cadet… Noah Wolfe2nd: Aras Majauskis 3rd: Owen Neave Mini Max… Blake Ticehurst2nd: Ewan Charman 3rd: