Everyone who practices and/or races at PFi needs to be a member of TVKC. Once you join the club you will issued with a membership card which needs to be presented every time you practice and race at PFi. So whether it’s a TVKC race meeting or just a practice day at PFi, everyone needs to be a member.

The 2023 Membership is £90 and will be valid until 31 December 2023.

We also offer a family discount if you have more than one child wishing to become a member: 2nd Child £80, 3rd Child £70, 4th Child £60.


Due to regulations laid out by the circuit owner, TVKC Membership is only open to the following core categories:- IAME cadet (Gazelle & Water Swift Restricted), Honda cadet (160 & 200), Micro Max, IAME Water Swift, Rotax Mini (Inter), Honda (Inter), Junior X30, Junior Max, Senior X30, Senior Max, 177 Max, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme. These classes are permitted to test at PF International kart circuit on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays but must ensure the correct exhaust silencers are fitted. Other classes are not eligible to test at PFi at any time.