Awards & Prizes

Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place in each of the Grand Prix
(subject to class size, please see SRs for more detail)


The winner form each of the Grand Prix will be awarded with the coveted ‘GP’ plates!

The top 3 drivers in each class will receive the following CASH prizes:
1st         £500
2nd       £250   
3rd        £100

In addition to these amazing prizes, the following have been kindly donated by some of friends in the industry…
Dunlop Tyres – courtesy of Andersons
Mojo Tyres – courtesy of JAG Engineering
Free & Reserved Entries for the IAME International Finals – courtesy of IAME & JM Eng.
£100 Cash Prize – courtesy of the Ferrari family
Arai Helmet – courtesy of Project One Racing



These will be selected by various TVKC Officials and Guests.  The lucky recipients of these awards will be awarded with the relevant trophy which will be presented to them at the podium presentations…

Driver of the Day Award 
–  awarded to the driver who has shown exceptional driving skills on the day. Selected by Nigel Edwards – Clerk of the Course.

Bruno Ferrari Trophy  –  awarded to an IAME Cadet or X30 Junior driver as chosen by the Ferrari family.

Tony Hanley Trophy  –  a ‘true-grit’ award given to a driver that has shown great determination.  Chosen by Paul Fletcher – Circuit Owner & Club President.

Nicholas Lowis Trophy  –  awarded to the Junior Max driver posting the fastest lap in the Grand Prix.

Spirit Of Kartmasters Award  –  awarded to the driver who has portrayed great spirit during the course of the Kartmasters weekend. Chosen by Danielle Short – Secretary of the Meeting.

We are pleased to announce that we will be staging a FREE prize draw for each class – giving EVERY driver a chance to win something at Kartmasters in 2019!

Each driver attending the Podium Presentations will be given a FREE prize draw ticket where a draw will take place – each class receiving free entries and practices for the Autumn Cup!