PFI TROPHY: 01 & 02 June 2019


Welcome to our PFi Trophy race meeting – celebrating PFi’s 25th anniversary!

All of the documents relating to this weekend’s race meeting have now been published and are available below…
Our PFi Trophy meeting will be helping to celebrate 25 years of the Paul Fletcher International kart race circuit!  Come into race control to find our exhibition and PFi memorabilia!

Up for grabs this weekend are the very first ‘PF’ plates!!  The winner from each class will be awarded with these plates for the very first time – making history!

We’ll also be presenting some extra special trophies this weekend too.  Last month we ran a competition to design the trophies for this meeting.  Our lucky winner was Aidan Evans from Honda Cadet who’s design blew us all away!  Aidan’s trophies will be awarded to the top 3 from each class (subject to class numbers).

PLEASE BE AWARE:  As this is a 2 day meeting, only drivers entered to race will be able to practice on the Saturday, as per Motorsport UK permit restrictions.
Please note that Honda Cadet will be having standing starts at this meeting (details of the new procedure can be found HERE).  All other classes will be rolling starts.



We would like to remind you that the main paddock area is for ‘working’ vehicles only and ALL cars and non-essential vehicles should be parked in the rear paddock.

We would also appreciate it if all roadways could be left clear at all times and vehicles do not block emergency access.
We also remind you that bicycles, scooters, segways, skateboards etc are strictly prohibited in both the main and rear paddock areas.
While we understand holding down awnings is not an easy task, please, where possible use the ‘tie down loops’ provided (if they are missing or damaged please let us know). If you have the ability to fix ‘rawl bolts/hooks please let us know in advance to seek approval and positioning. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD PEGS/SPIKES BE HAMMERED INTO THE TARMAC (Non compliance could render your entry/membership void) We will wherever possible assist you to secure your equipment but in a professional and ‘minimal tarmac damaging’ way.
We thank you in advance for your co-operation.
TVKC would like to draw your attention to the 2019 Motorsport UK Regulation:

(U)12.7. For Short Circuit Karting only, engines must not be run in the pits or paddock. The Chief Scrutineer may permit a Competitor to start their engine in a designated area only as identified by the Chief Scrutineer.

TVKC’s designated engine-starting area can be found in Pit Bays A11/B11 – Engines may only be started in this area and NO OTHER AREAS OF THE PITS.


i)  Please do not place kart batteries in the paddock bins.

ii) Please be reminded of General Regulation B.15 of the 2019 Karting UK Yearbook (Gold Book) regarding Fire Extinguishers.  

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