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Earlier this evening, IAME UK published the latest details about the X30 Mini tyre. Please see this release below…
This will mean that Mini X30 will use the K1H (2021 tyre) for rounds 1 (Jan), 2 (Feb) and 3 (Mar) of the Winter Series

Press Release from IAME UK:
Following rigorous testing over the Christmas and New Year period of the new K2H tyre for the Mini X30, it has become apparent that this new tyre is displaying issues, compounded by the cold weather temperatures and size and weight restrictions of the class. 

It is for these reasons why we approached Motorsport UK to seek authorisation for the K1H (2021 tyre) to be mandated with immediate effect until 31 March 2022 at all Motorsport UK events.  This mandate has now been granted.

During this time, we will continue to liaise and work with the manufacturer, aswell as the teams in the UK, to carry out further testing to help understand the tyre’s characteristics and how best to manage the tyre moving forward.

X30 Junior have also started to use the new K2H tyre for 2022 and has proved a popular choice amongst the grid.  This will remain unchanged.  It is for these positive reasons why we feel confident a solution can be achieved for the Mini X.

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